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Distortion Correction Issue


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hi, i dont understand too much what you said about 0.1.1


but for me i see strange deformation when i turn my head in 3d scene in unity 2017.3.1.

i dont know what produce this, if lens, if image deformation for stereo rendering. probably ... think need to optimize this thing for obtain better result if futur. i thnik it is really urgent. people can be disapointed by this lens deformation effect.


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It was my understanding that the issue would be improved with the latest update. Perhaps I am imagining things but there does seem to be slightly less noticeable distortion after the recent update. That said, the unwanted warping is still present and can be seen easily if you quickly rotate your head left and right. I do hope the correction can be refined further because the present output could still cause nausea or eye strain for some users.

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Just adding my input on this one as well (I created another thread initially).  After developing for the Focus more, I would happily trade a smaller FOV to get less lens distortion issues.  The swimming nature the scene during head rotation is enough to make the people I've tested with feel sick.


To give you some idea of what this means for our project, to counteract the problem, we've now resorted to blocking out the peripheral vision of the user.  This isn't really good enough.

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Hello , , , , , , , , ,


This is Tony from HTC and we'd like to notify you that we have a new ROM version to improve this distortion symptom.

I understand this issue has been existing for a long period for developer, and please kindly do us a favor if you could take a trial on your device to check if the final result is good and resolved your previous problem.

We need your device serial no. for FOTA usage.

Please send back your device S/N from private message and we will notify you again once we release the FOTA recently.

Thanks for your sincerely support.


Best regards,


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