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Not able to install Kiosk Mode - Empty config file and outdated instructions?


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Sorry for not updating this post - I have been extremely busy lately but I should have written a short post regarding how it worked out for me.

Long story short: thanks to ,  and all the people he got me in contact with, the problem has been solved for me at least. The team assessed the issue very promptly, and sent me a config file via email. With this file I have been able to install Kiosk mode successfully. In addition to this, they also very professionally noted down my criticism regarding the instructions pdf, and they said that they will make sure to update/improve this. 


If I recall correctly, the people that I exchanged emails with stated that it might take some time to solve the issue with downloading the config file, which is why they made a config file for me and sent it to me.

, perhaps Tony/the team could help you with this?

Just as a side note - although Tony and the team have been absolutely great, the "actual" VIVE Enterprise support ticket that I started way back has still not led to any progress. I got an email the other day asking me to check if my 2016 MacBook Pro is "VR-ready", questioning whether perhaps it is my computer that is too weak to download the 122 kb text file. This is after explaining multiple times that I have tried downloading the config file using 5 different browsers on PC/Mac/Ubuntu.

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Thank you very much for the quick responses  &  I'm a bit surprised (very positively!) about the fast reactions on the forum =).

I'm looking forward to your team to contact me tony, thank you in advance for your help.


Edit: expressed positive impression to my surprise statement! =)

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We're very sorry for your inconvenience caused by this issue.

For now, our backend service is fixed and waiting for the frontend to be updated for long-term fix.

Before that, we can generated the config for you as the temparary solution for your use.


Please kindly screenshot the Registered Device page for your VIVE Focus and send to Ken.YT_Lee@htc.com

And we will generated the config for your use, thank you!






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I've just send the requested mail to the mentioned address.


Is there any estimate on when the frontend is fixed and I can access the correct file from there?
Just asking to determine if we can wait for it regarding our customer's devices and use of their application or if we might prepare for manually contacting one of you to get the kiosk mode on additional devices.


   have a nice weekend too.

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