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connection utility log: what does peerSignalQuality do & can it cause blackouts?


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I have been having issues with a black screen 

i checked the connection utility log and found the same data spikes before each crash. i thought it could have been due to overheating - it reaches 68 and above

one thing which i am unsure about is peerSignalQuality which always reaches 255 before crashing, no matter what the temperature is 


what is this peerSignalQuality and can it cause blackouts?

here is an exert from the latest crash: 



[2019-08-05 13:30:24.301 +0 0x37B0 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=66, R_Temperature=54
[2019-08-05 13:30:25.276 +0 0x46E0 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)Link Condition Change : peerSignalQuality = 2, performanceQuality = 3
[2019-08-05 13:30:29.275 +0 0x46E0 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)Link Condition Change : peerSignalQuality = 4, performanceQuality = 3
[2019-08-05 13:30:34.303 +0 0x37B0 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=69, R_Temperature=55
[2019-08-05 13:30:44.301 +0 0x37B0 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=68, R_Temperature=56
[2019-08-05 13:31:08.084 +0 0x46E0 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)Link Condition Change : peerSignalQuality = 255, performanceQuality = 3
[2019-08-05 13:31:08.208 +0 0x46E0 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)CallbackDeviceStatus : SDK_WIGIGFSM_STATE_STOPPED(3), reason = SDK_CURRENT_STATE_REASON_LINK_LOSS(1)
[2019-08-05 13:31:08.211 +0 0x46E0 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)CallbackDeviceStatus : SDK_WIGIGFSM_STATE_SCANNING(4), reason = SDK_CURRENT_STATE_REASON_REQUESTED_BY_APPLICATION(9)
[2019-08-05 13:31:08.213 +0 0x37B0 INFO LOG] Connection Status set to 2(CONNECTION_STATUS_SCANNING)
[2019-08-05 13:31:11.044 +0 0x3AE0 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)Worker Thread Exit.
[2019-08-05 13:31:11.047 +0 0xAE0 INFO LOG] Updater thread exit.
[2019-08-05 13:31:11.049 +0 0x37B0 INFO LOG] Terminated.


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255 basically means no signal.  Pretty sure this is just a plain ole crash somewhere in this teetering stack of 3rd party drivers.  Happens to me even after the fan mod and M_Temps of 45 or so . . . might be cpu load related though because it does happen more in heavier games.

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On 12/19/2019 at 5:03 AM, TomCgcmfc said:

Overclocking can also cause system instability which may cause crashes, especially under high VR gaming loads.

That is so true. I have seen other wireless adapter users reported overclocking ram caused their wireless not working. 

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