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Unity SDK Compilation error after import

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I'm stuck on step 5. I set standalone provider to "Tobii or HTC" and get these errors:
Assets\TobiiXR\External\Providers\TobiiHTC\TobiiHTCProvider.cs(20,44): error CS0117: 'SRanipal_Eye' does not contain a definition for 'IsViveProEye'
Assets\TobiiXR\External\Providers\HTC\HTCProvider.cs(56,54): error CS0117: 'Convergence' does not contain a definition for 'CalculateDistance'
I use Unity 2019.1.14f1.
Any suggestions?
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@dNazarik The current Tobii XR SDK (1.4.1) is tested with SR Anipal 1.0.1. There was a breaking change in SR Anipal where the function IsViveProEye was moved from SRanipal_Eye to SRanipal_Eye_API. To unblock you now, you can make this change manually in your project. There will be a hotfix release of Tobii XR SDK, hopefully early next week, where this has been addressed.

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