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Vive Pro Eye Setup


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Hi there,

I just got a Vive Pro Eye. I got things set up and was able to play games. I got curious about the eye tracking so I started looking on how to set it up. Where I found this instructions. I followed everything but when I got to step 5 (From the System Dashboard in VR, select VIVE Pro Eye.), the system dashboard isn't showing anything in the Vive Pro Eye tab. Is there something I'm missing? I also tried setting up my Vive Pro Eye again and did the room set up in Steam VR and Uninstalled and reinstalled the SR_Runtime but the setting tab is still empty. so I can't really do the step 6 in the instructions.



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I contacted support which I should have done earlier. They walked me through troubleshooting the issue and fixing the issue. Just leaving stuff here that could possible fix the issue for Google people. 

If you have multiple graphics card:

  1. Make sure your VR headset is plugged in the same graphics card as your main monitor.
  2. Follow the rest of the steps below.


  1. Turn off Steam VR.
  2. Turn off your firewall and antivirus. They said that sometimes the firewall and antivirus detects the SR_Runtime installer as a threat and corrupts the file.
  3. Download the SR_Runtime installer. If you already downloaded it before step 1, Re-download the SR_Runtime installer. You can download it here.
  4. If you have installed SR_Runtime before, *Remove it first. If not, skip to the next step.
  5. Install SR_Runtime.
  6. Run SR_Runtime as Admin. Right click > Run as Administrator.
  7. Start Steam VR.
  8. Go to System Dashboard in VR.
  9. Select Vive Pro Eye.
  10. Read and agree to the license agreement.
  11. Calibrate the eye tracking

*Not sure if just repairing it fixes it but I think just removing the old SR_Runtime instance is better. Just to be safe.

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