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The camera resolution


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Hi, HTC Vive Pro,  i have successfully used SRWorks SDK to call the front-facing cameras of HTC Vive Pro Eye,  the video stream shown in my unity is clear with high resolutoin, while  in my headset it is very fuzzy with many particles. Is this caused by  the device itself or do i need to adjust the camera? Could you tell me how to fix that?

Thank you a lot!


@Daniel_Y @reneeclchen


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2 hours ago, Daniel_Y said:

May I know what is your display resolution?

Vive Pro Eye's front camera is a fisheye camera in 640x480 and HMD's panel is 1440x1600 per eye, so it may not be as good as seen in the desktop display.

And the Cosmos front cameras resolution is?

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