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Cosmos Beta release -

Message added by C.T.

Happy New Year 

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I have to say that update is according to me the first great update since I have the cosmos...not perfect at all, but it is much better in rifle mode in pavlov, the last player, contractors and onward...I repeat: not perfect as a rift S or Index but better than earlier

Thanks to the devlpers, Cosmos will be The Best headset in 2020 I think!

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🙂 bonjour s il vous plait  possible de nous mettre  + objets dans le home du cosmos et mettre les home en public 

changer les move en main dans le home du cosmos 

c est beaucoup trop simple 

et pour pavlov vr  et autre jeux de tir  je peux dire que c est un  peux mieux mais c est pas tout a faix ça 80%

la progression pour tenir un fusil a deux mains 


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 🙂 hello please can put us objects in the home of the cosmos and put the home in public  
change the moves in hand in the home of the cosmos  
it's way too simple  
and for pavlov vr and other shooting games I can say it's a can better but it's not all a faix that 80% 
progression to hold a rifle with two hands  

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This update increase tracking, but I have always the same problems when my controllers are too close to the headset

I hope a new quick update to resolve this issue

However thx for your hard work 😉

This is my to do list

1. Tracking optimization

2. Room orientation: recentre

3. Fix light options for dark games. (For example LONE ECHO)

4.Fixing chromatic aberration on the borders


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