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Cosmos Beta release -

Message added by C.T.

Happy New Year 

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VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes 

Released December 31th 2019 



  • Improved tracking of controller movement adjacent to the sides of the hip
  • Improved tracking of controller blocked by the arm
  • Improved forehand full arm swing
  • Improved the reverse side of the controller tracking
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Okay I just tested. And it WORKS! I can actually move now hands to my face. The controllers, almost, don't freeze or spas out anymore (main word is almost) . I just played Pavlov and Gun Club VR and I can AIM!!! I could actually aim now through sniper rifle and other rifles. There is only one problem and it's that when you aim, the front controllers kinda wobbles. It moves from side to side a little bit but it's endurable. This is the best update so far! You made me really happy today, thank you very much! I'm looking forward to more updates until we reach the level of Rift S.  

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Did the update and the Vive Console is stuck on updating after 20 minutes:


"\App\HID_Manager\HID_Manager_Server.exe" is still running which I think is part of the updating. Close Vive Console and hope for the best or is there any command I could try?

Eventually I will have to shut it all down.

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I've just tried the update and for me it's a great improvement. Just a little bit of drift at the side of my head but otherwise very well done. To the team who did this update a big thank you for persevering, it was a nice way to finish off the year and wishing a happy new year to you all.



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Just now, T said:


Rebooted the PC and upon Vive Console starting it detected a failed firmware update and went into recovery mode and flashed the HMD.

As far as I can tell everything is working OK now.

Do you mind send me back one issue report from vive console?

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Very well surprise update this morning, so far much playable on my favorite games. especially H3VR, and Boneworks.

but still, what was the most wanted feature about? It doesn’t seem to come with this update. Or is it a better tracking?!? 

Anyway, cheers and thank you @C.T.

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😥 bonjour le père  noèl nous a envoyer une mise a jour la et je viens de tester PAVLOV VR je peux dire que c est un  peux mieux mais c est pas tout a faix ça 

la progression pour tenir un fusil a deux mains et de  70% pour moi sa fonctionne pas correctement 

et pour le home du cosmos rien n a changer on peux rien faire beaucoup TROP SIMPLE méme pas les  home en public pour discuter entre nous 

et toujours pas option objets toujours pas de main dans le home du cosmos il y a vraiment rien a faire dans se home cosmos 

Pour moi oculus rift cv1 ma faix + rever que le cosmos qui faix rien pour 800 euro

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