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Calibration fails after update

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I have been using the Vive pro on my current PC (Win7, Intel core i7 CPU 3.4GHz, 16GM RAM, and a NVidia GeForce GTX TITAN X Graphics card).

Everything worked well until August, and I did not use it again until now. And now I just keep getting the " Initialization Failed" error on my calibration screen.

I had a look at the solutions here, and tried them all, but none of them seem to help me.

I feel that doing all these updates resulted in this failure. Has there been any other updates in the past 3-4 months, that I have missed? This is my school project and I really need to speed up my work, can't afford to be stuck on just a calibration failure for long.


Thanks for any help/suggestions.

@Corvus @Daniel_Y

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I fixed my issue by upgrading my windows to 10, and installing everything from scratch (including steamVR and Vive setup). This time  I didn't have to install sranipall separately, it was included in the vive pro setup.

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