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Cheap "solving" of Microphone "pops" issue


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Hello everyone,

My first message on this forum to share a small tip to correct nasty "pops" appearing when using our HTC Cosmos microphone.

Before doing that, it was very difficult for people chatting with me to understand what I was saying because of the too frequent "pops".  Of course, with such a poor location and isolation of the microphone hole, it is not surprising to see this happening... (by the way...HTC should think about reinforcing designers or testers staff of that part too (the first part being the tracking of course :)) because the problem appeared after few seconds of use and in a very common way of using the headset.

Anyway, with just a piece of paper put between the bottom part of the headset and the "nose support" (these two parts are just clipped together and can be separated easily to correctly introduce and lock the paper)... it does the trick! The sound remain OK (it is of course altered a little bit...) but "pops" almost totally disappeared!

Of course, I'm dreaming of a more definitive solution provided for free by HTC... So if someone from the team is seeing this message... 😉

In attachement you can see the "installation" of the filter and you can hear two sound samples with and without the paper.

I hope it helps 🙂

PS: it was recorded with basic headset setup and using the recording function of StreamLabs.





WithFilter.mp3 WithoutFilter.mp3


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I hadn't noticed this on my headset at all (maybe people are to polite 😄). but it also could well be how you wear the headset, I notice my wife and I wear it seated slightly differently.

what Might be worth trying in this case that is less obtrusive would be a little bit of mic foam stuck over the hole.
should cut out 95% of the "popping" and look ok.


*edit Awesome post BTW, thanks for the Tip, Ill keep my ears open to see if this is an issue for me as well, and if it is, ill let you know how it works out with foam 😄 .


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