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New owner questions


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I just bought my cosmos and I'm just waiting for the post office to open before I go pick it up. This is my first VR and I'm a little curious about this insideout tracking stuff. I've watched a few videos of people complaining about the tracking, is it really that bad? There was a video from Dec 2019 where the guy was holding his hands up to simulate holding a rifle in a game and his hands were warping all over the place and I couldn't tell if this was just a common problem or if it was happening because he was trying to make it happen. If it is that bad I'll probably get this lighthouse tracking faceplate I read a little about whenever it becomes available. 

Also where should I look to see news about vive? Just around the forum or is there a media source for all this?

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Hey @jubbs

Welcome to the Cosmos family! Excited for you and your first home VR experience - say goodbye to your friends on weekends muahaha! Feel free to use this forum to ask and talk about anything  you'd like. The community here is pretty active and best of all, passionate + helpful. Regarding your questions, I'll break it down:


Tracking is our number 1 priority for us as customers have expressed feedback for higher quality. Software updates are continuously being pushed to users with the goal of improving the overall Cosmos experience. If you want the very latest updates, you can opt into our Beta program to test. Please note that the Beta program is defined as a software testing phase and is not the official public release version. That being said, there may be bugs or issues experienced in which we'll address if found during testing. Since it's your first VR experience, I'd recommend to stick with the public original versions to ensure a positive experience 🙂

Lighthouse tracking faceplate

To find news about vive, you can always count on our official blog or twitter handle:






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Pro tip. When you first put it on and play it for the first time, and your hands do not agree with you in vr, please refrain from swearing.

Know that this product is still being refined so if you are willing to be patient and wait for it to get better, then please contribute to these forums.

If not maybe don't even open it and return to sender.

I hope this being your first vr experience doesn't put you off because vr is awesome and it's getting better at a good pace.

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I played around in Hellsplit for about an hour and really enjoyed it. The hand tracking seemed mostly alright but I also don't have any other experience to compare to. Here's the "but" though... when using a rifle in a shooting game.

I went in the range on Onward and Surv1v3 for a bit and looking down a sight or scope on any long gun was more trouble than it was worth. My right controller would vibrate(I'm assuming) when I'd have the stock up to my shoulder but when I try to look through whatever attachment was on any of the guns or use the irons, my headset would lose my right controller and the gun would start twisting and jittering.


I found a mirror in one of my games and decided to see how far down my back it would track the controller if I held it by the strap and let it slide down and it went far enough that it made me wonder how it could still sense it. But then it loses them mid swing sometimes if I draw back too far or swing too fast... Am I really just moving too fast for it to track? Or is there something else going on here that I don't understand. Do other inside-out tracking sets have these same issues ?

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