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Saccadic Eye Movement Detection


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I streamed the combined gaze origin and direction over 15s and processed the change in angle over time to detect saccades. I am uncertain of the validity of the data. If anyone has attempted something similar and knows which data to stream, I would greatly appreciate the knowledge. 



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Original post used the combined gaze direction, sampled during Unity's Update function in the Avatar Sample script. I calculated the angle between gaze directions two frames apart, and divided by the difference in time. The main problem was the low amount of samples from Unity's update function, which gave me samples at about 40Hz. 

New version: I used the Avatar Sample v2 script (because of laziness) and streamed data from the callback function. Samples were obtained at about 105Hz. Once again, I used combined gaze direction. Angular velocity is calculated the same as in the original. The saccades are now prevalent and prominent. Notice the frequency of detected saccades skyrocketed. 



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