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Cosmos Public Release


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VIVE Cosmos – Public Release Notes 
Released March 3rd 2020


  • HMD
    • Reduced HMD movement jitter
  • Controller
    • Overall performance improvement on controller tracking in VR


  • Adjusted color correction for content running through compatibility libraries (such as Revive) – Forum Issue Link
  • Fixed a memory leak bug that would build up over time


  • Fixed a bug where the setting your forward direction through Lens wasn't working
  • Fixed Setting UI bugs
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3 hours ago, arknes said:

lol viveport tells me to come here this place dont give 2 shits

Very mature response indeed. Cosmos right now taking all time of Vive dev team because it's not in the best state. Report an issue if you want your problem solved. 

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On 3/6/2020 at 6:59 PM, Glaucoma Predator said:

I was wrong, 10.7 is much better than 9.6.

Sorry but it's going to take a few more posters positive experiences before I'm going to take my Cosmos out of mothballs, lol! Hopefully there will be an new/improved beta soon.

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Games with two-handed poses see improvement - For bows I tested Apex Legends, Blade and Sorcery and Longbow in The Lab. For rifles tested H3VR, and Boneworks. 

Bows were much less jittery and had better accuracy, with only occasional controller drift and position loss. 
Rifles were steadier, could actually hit a target through a scope (impossible at launch). Occasional position loss and slight delay when "leaving" locked pose

I personally saw some improvement to headset jittering, was previously noticing it during load screens or in slight movement when standing still ingame, a bit smoother now.

+Controller position will lock in place every once in a while, either low at the sides or high, but is quick to regain actual position

All in all - another great step in the right direction. Thanks guys!

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1. Battery on controllers last 2-3 h

2. Controllers do not track well still no change. Example ( x plane 11 ) looking down to move the throttle on "plane" makes controller just float up or down with out you moving it. ( It can not track small movements or fast movements )

3. Headset is out of whack after a while ( headset tracking stops and headset controller stuck to screen and in game you keep moving out of position. worst when looking down and then look up then you floating and graphic fly around you like washing mashing.)

4. headset feels like its draining a lot of power from your computer ( maybe its normal)

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