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Double screenshots


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Crazybird meant this as a workaround to trigger the Steam screenshot.

The problem is that Vive console uses the same trigger as Steam.

But if I remember it right it was not double press Vive key and the the trigger.
I guess it was press the Vive key and directly after that (while still pressing the Vive key) do a quick double trigger press and then release Vive key.
It need a bit of practice but you then should get the taken Steam screenshot notice.

To get this working the game has to be displayed on your monitor while playing.

@stvnxu @VibrantNebula @C.T.
On the other side it would be great if  developers add an option to select which screenshot will be taken by console software,
left eye, right, eye or both...
The same logic which is used to mirror display inside Vive console (it offers exactly these selections).

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