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Power Issue with Vive Cosmos : Unusable

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After having bought my Vive Cosmos and set it up, it worked fine for a day or two then died out entirely. I've been going back and forth for some time now with Customer service from the place I've bought it and HTC but everytime it came back labelled as "working but it'sbeen now 6 months since i've bought it and it is still not working.
I'm not going to say I'm not pissed because I am.

I've tried to work this out on my own and here's what I've come up with :

I've first reinstalled every piece of software related to Vive, Steam and Steam VR. I thought that maybe I just needed to reconfigure from start the Vive Cosmos for it to work.
I was able to merely do all the setup but got stuck when trying to pair the Controllers. I noticed that the Linkbox was turned off which disconected the Vive Cosmos.

After restarting the Setup, I couldn't get the Linkbox to stay on, it kept disconnecting after 10-12 seconds. During this brief moment, I could see on the Vive Console an "Activation" status and heard a USB device plugging-in sound.

It's appears that there might be an issue with power, I've figured out it wasn't the linkbox because the box stays on if no helmet is plugged-in.
By removing the front panel from the Vive, I  have been able to get  the Vive Cosmos to startup and activate itself. I was able to gather the helmet's information :

SN : FA97PAM00208
Firmware version : / 6000

Cam / DP : 20190804 / 1604
RF version : 3.15.1 / 3.15.1

The Vive Cosmos couldn't start because the front cover was missing. I plugged it in and the Vive continued its activation.  It appeared that the video of the Vive was detected and Steam VR started but I couldn't get further as the linkbox and the Vive Cosmos turned off on their own. I've been able to redo this whole process but the helmet still shuts down on his own.

If I had to guess, I would say that there is a power issue withing the Vive Cosmos. I'm not able to figure out exactly what but it's power related for sure.

I would gladely appreciate some help. Have you ever been having this kind of issues ?
It's really really frustrating given the price of this hardware and the real lack of documentation and troubleshooting guides on the website. I've also been having some talks with the support which weren't successful.
This hardware is everything but cheap but right now it's useless and it's been like so for 6 months now. The reseller and Vive says it's fine but it's not. It's a real shame in my opinion that I had to try everything by myself and that none of the "professionals" were able to come where I'm standing right now with what's wrong with my Vive.

Nevertheless, Thanks in advance if you can help me.
If someone is interested in helping me I can even show you the steps I'm following with a video.

@C.T. @stvnxu @jagibson

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16 hours ago, A-Jey said:

I can't understand why you're doing ping-pong with the customer support.
You have a guarantee.

If it worked and then completely died, send it in as you would do with every other hardware.

Hi A-Jey,

We-ve tried many times to use the waranty to get a new helmet. 

Initially we reached out to the reseller who refused to exchange the unit and sent it to "be repaired". After a month the Vive came back but still wouldn't work. We decided to see this issue with the HTC's Customer services and they asked us to send it with UPS again to be repaired. We did this 3 times, and on the third attempt we explictly asked for a new helmet. The first HTC representative my colleague spoke to agreed and we sent the Vive in the original package.

The Vive came back but it's impossible to say if it's a new one since it came back in the package we had sent it in. 
After speaking once again with another representative over web-chat, she couldn't say if the Vive had been replaced by a new one and asked us again to try it out.
We've tried web-chat and email many times but it's still not working after merely 6 months.

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4 minutes ago, lamyipming said:

Might be asking something obvious but just want to try to help. Is the linkbox powered by a wall socket? Or is it powered by a usb cable connected to your computer?

It's plugged directly into a wall socket yes.

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