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Cosmos Beta release -


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I find it funny to see @C.T. responding to people who have problems with the update, but that does not provide an explanation for future tracking updates. (What is also a problem)

Today I made some changes in my room where I play. I changed the lamp to 30w (led) that stopped showing little light. My walls are white, I put colored ribbons in the shape of a cross so as not to lose sight when I look at her. And finally, I bought batteries that don't decrease the voltage when they are running out.

In my opinion, the changes were very useful and I stopped losing control of any sudden movement, keeping only the standard problems.

As I said several times here on the forum, I believe that the cosmos will never be perfect for tracking, because it has a factory problem. However, for what I like to play, I can divide myself.

Shooting games I played without problems
Half Life ALYX
Pistol whip

Game I did the test after the changes in the room were beatsaber playing a song on the expert +, where I knew he would make several movements haha and I managed to play without losing the tracking once.

However, when doing some tests with the controls above the head, below the head and very close to the headset, I still had the problem of loss of tracking, where the controls were moved alone (you can do this test in VR ROOM where you put this to change your avatar, you'll see a "mirror" image of you)

I believe that, with some updates, they can improve this, however, I believe that the sniper mode problem will NEVER be solved because it is a factory problem of how they did the control.

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