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Monocular FOV Question

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Hello, I recently contacted development support and was told to post questions here.  

I'm doing research on retinal prosthesis simulations using the HTC Vive Pro Eye.  Retinal prosthesis are typically only implanted into a single eye and to make a realistic simulation, we need to know what the monocular FOV is for the headset.  

We don't need to know what the person can actually see, we realize this depends on a lot of factors.  We need to know what percentage of the full screen is being rendered to each eye.  We are using Unity, I'm not sure if this is part of their software or if it's something that's handled by the headset. I'm assuming it's something that was figured out by the developers of the headset.  

Your help is appreciated!!

TLDR: What's the monocular FOV (as determined by the software).  For example, if the camera is set to render 110 degrees, would it render 65 degrees to each eye and then have 20 degrees of visual overlap in the middle? @Corvus @Daniel_Y

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