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VIVE Focus 3 Software 3.0.999.124 – Public Release Notes


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VIVE Focus 3 Software 3.0.999.124 – Public Release Notes
Released July 14th 2021


Vive Reality System 2.0

  • Refined the steps in tutorial

Vive Business Streaming

  • Updated the pre-loaded VBS application with wireless streaming

Vive Sync

  • Fixed Vive Sync installation issue

Tracking system

  • Reduced controller drift caused by certain vibration patterns


  • Fixed auto network time sync issue on Focus 3 in some regions
  • Audio output is immediately paused after the headset is doffed
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Is there anywhere particular we can look for in progress updates, features focus, things like that? I'm particularly curious about WebXR support right now. I've been tracking through an issue with Mozilla Hubs thru Firefox Reality, and it doesn't even look like the Focus 3 controller assets and profiles have been merged yet...

Add HTC Vive Focus 3 profile and model. by lawwong · Pull Request #199 · immersive-web/webxr-input-profiles (github.com)

Also, when running most of the WebXR tests/examples on the Immersive Web site, the performance is substantially worse than what I used to see on even the Quest 1. I would think the Snapdragon XR2 with the active cooling would be able to handle 60-90 FPS fairly easily in most of the samples, but I'm seeing more like 30-40 FPS in all scenes right now.   WebXR - Samples (immersive-web.github.io)


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