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Vice Focus 3 Spare Battery


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@InfoPocket-Scott - As I suspected, it's all shipping container logistics. The batteries have all already been shipped - it's just taking different time for different regions to get them due to the logistics crunch (truck driver & port worker shortages, lack of containers, etc...). It's taking a while to get boats unloaded into trucks in almost every country.

We don't have any timelines we can share since we're at the mercy of the international shipping industry. We expect units to arrive in our North America depot either this week or or next and I would imagine a similar story with other regions. We're not going to say anything officially though until the cargo hits our depot since.

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I'm also waiting for them to be available here (Europe).

The Australian listing puzzled me because to my understanding Australia is actually the strictest about high capacity battery shipments ironically enough haha.

Good to know you've done your part in terms of shipping, kinda sad to hear it's entirely out of HTC's hands.

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