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Fault 03 (Error 10010) on base station, red blinking light


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My Vive is just under 2 months old - there is now a blinking red light on one of my base stations and it does not track.

SteamVR reports fault 03/error 10010, neither of which is covered on the Vive or Steam support pages. Nor is the blinking red light issue.

 I have rebooted the system and unplugged/replugged the base station. I updated the firmware the day I got it and it has been working fine until now. 



Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I would listen carefully near the problem lighthouse to make sure it's making that high pitched whine, just to make sure the internal motor is running. I'm sure the Vive tech support team would ask this.

Regards: Jack

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I got the same thing but from doing the update. The tech guy said if you move the base at all it may break the internal gyros as they are very sensative. Makes me wonder how they even ship these without them breaking. The update actually bricked both my bases. And VIVE is charging me to fix them. EVEN though it was the update to brick them. Good luck getting it fixed without major issues.


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Moving them while in operation isn't recommended. (They contain spinning components during normal use.) Shipping them or moving them while powered down is completely fine.


If you'd like to contact me via PM, I'd be happy to take a look at your case and see what we can do. Have you already sent the devices in or are they with you?


-John C

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I'm having the same problem. Occured after I hadn't used the system for quite a while. I had updated the firmware but it was working fine after that. Will send a PM to one of the staff in this thread but if anyone else wants to jump in an PM me, I'm happy to troubleshoot. 

P.s. I'm getting the high pitched noise and can feel a vibration when I touch the base station in question.

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One of my lighthouses red light blinking but still can keep the tracking work. I've tried two different rooms and PC and get the same result (red light blinking).


I found sometimes are difficult to repeat the problem that's why Hong Kong dealer return the unit to me without any fix twice. They suspect the problem caused by the environment but not the hardware itself. And they ask me to provide evendence to proof I encounter the red light with my lighthouse.


In fact, I've recorded the videos and System Reports for my case in two different locations. However, I feel frustrated that I need to proof the problem instead to get back a fixed lighthouse.

Thus, what should I do at this moment?

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