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Framedrops with RTX 4090


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Just upgraded my 3090 to a 4090, and I am getting lots and lots of framedrops. Same computer, only swapped GPU. Looking at the Releasenotes for the nvidia drivers 522.25 there is an open issue with "[RTX 4090] Varjo Aero HMD displays VR stutter [3833818". Looking at the comments in the forum it says:

"New 4090 user and an HP G2 VR. Sounds like I have the same issue as the varjo people. Lots of stuttering even if moving head from side to side. Fresh install of everything including Windows 11 pro. Unusable."

"The varjo issue is that gsync works different in the 4000 series compared to the 2000 and 3000 series. Varjo have fixed the issue, it's under testing. I'd suggest report to hp, mention flip and they will know what it is."

Is this something HTC/Vive team is looking into for their headsets too? (if its the same issue).

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   Hi Jaw_B !   Nvidia changed the render pipeline and told no one about it. Either they will return in the drivers (most likely not), or helmet developers should adapt to them by releasing a patch. Varjo is already testing the patch successfully. But it is only for Varjo products. render pipeline - a way to render an image on the helmet screen. Nvidia has changed the order of some elements. On my Vive Pro 2 - this problem also occurs. Dear HTC support - please pay attention to this problem and eliminate the shortcoming. Playing games on the Vive Pro 2 + RTX 4090 is frustrating. Even in Beat Saber! It's a challenge! Please give us feedback! Thank you.

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Maybe a silly question (I just received my RTX 4090 and had similar problems with my Vive Pro 2)... Have you checked the resolution per eye in Steam VR ? Mine was set automatically to more than 6000x6000 (per eye !!). Too much obviously !

I reduced it down 3000x3000 and no problem anymore (I just tested HL Alyx and Moss...).


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Hi ! In HL ALEX - You won't be able to notice this problem. This game automatically adjusts to the equipment in tight places. Play Beat Saber, carefully watch the flying cubes and you will see framedrops, at any resolution by eye, even 3000x3000. Turn on the performance graph in STEAMVR and you will find red and pink stripes (framedrops).


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