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Vive streaming from a PC without USBc connectors

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I want to connect the Vive XR Elite to my PC but the PC does not have any USB c ports. Wlan connection does not seem to work either as the dlan module that brings a network into my gaming room does not seem to have the required Wlan type.

I tried various USB to USB c cables but the best I got was a picture for 3 seconds before going back to backscreen.

Does anyone have suggestions of working adapters that may utilize multiple Pc outputs to get the full signal or maybe knows of a way to set up a wireless connection between the PC and the Headset besides the existing Internet connection?

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Note: Not all USB-C to USB-C cables are the same, keep in mind most are for much lower power consumption and/or basic data transfer (think for a mobile phone) this thing (despite its size) is a bit of a beast with power draw, so you need a heftier, higher rated USB cable, they sell an official one here: https://business.vive.com/us/accessory/vive-focus3-streaming-cable/

Or you can probably get away with buying an equivalent with similar specs (focus on USB 3.2 Gen 2 and transfer rate)

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