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No passthrough with SteamVR???


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Hello, I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but I attempted to use the passthrough feature with DEOVR inside of SteamVR, as detailed here

"1) One time only: Please ensure that your camera is enabled: SteamVR-> settings-> camera = on and Room view Camera Mode is set to Translucent Passthrough"


But there is no camera tab in SteamVR settings so I couldn't get passthrough to work at all! One of the reasons I bought an XR Elite was because I want to explore making XR content for DeoVR for my business but I appear to have completely hit a wall. Is there any way to make the color passthrough work with SteamVR??

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Currently, it is necessary for content developers to rebuild their applications using WAVE VR SDK in order to achieve a mixed reality (MR) experience on VIVE XR Elite.
To enable passthrough to work with SteamVR via VIVE Streaming Service, please stay tuned for upcoming updates, we may have something in development to provide a similar experience.

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Unfortunately, it's not going to happen unless the app implements the passthrough underlay feature into their apps.
Passthrough images can only be activated on the AIO system itself and cannot be passed to a PC or other applications.

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