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CaptureScreen when Passthrough is enabled


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Hey there,

I'm VR/AR developer and now creating some AR application in Unity for remote support using passthrough with HTC Vive XR Elite and WebRTC (for streaming screen).

I have some trouble with making screenshot with


for casting to web browser.

Screenshots are fully black without passthrough view.

I builded app with disabled WaveXR and run it as "flat screen" on headset and it's capturing screen correctly.


I saw in Wave XR docs some info about Compatibility Guide:

  • Due to the privacy concern by product design, developer may not get camera image successfully in some devices.
  • Vive Wave SDK 4.1.0 supports limited access on camera API.
  • If developer would like use camera image please feel free to contact us for further technical support.

What should I do?


My technologies/devices stack:

  • Unity 2022 LTS
  • Wave VR 5.3.1
  • HTC Vive XR Elite
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1 hour ago, Tony PH Lin said:

Have you checked if you have enabled below setting?

Check from Advance -> Camera Setting -> Enable to record passthrough... option

Hey there, this option on headset (settings) is enabled.

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