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Vive Streaming Hub 1.2.4 - Public Release notes


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9 hours ago, C.T. said:

I understand, so you were able to access the settings. You just couldn't establish the connection, right?

I was able to acces setting only if I had installed business hub with streaming hub. 
If I have installed solo streaming hub it is restarting all the time - here is screen recorded what is goin on with my logs: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ap7W8_DngpZfgY155Q2Rm5Mk0oIH0Q?e=sHdIPJ

Still waiting for solution. I tried also replace file with your from posts above. Did not help.


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Thank you all for helping to verify the hotfix. We are now releasing the hotfix to the public as version 1.2.4a.

Please download the patch and replace it if you are still experiencing crashes on start. Alternatively, you can uninstall the Hub and then re-install it via this link Download VIVE Streaming Hub

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