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Unable to play certain games.


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Same Problem here.

no working:


copter and sky

rec room (not all time)

toy clash


monitor play game in vive no picture.  steam reinstall, game reinstall, and every other option no solution.

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ok, its not the best slove BUT:

when u start steamvr and start the game, the games not work (hmd picture not work).

BUT when u close steamvr and start the game (when steamvr closed) its work.


i not know what is the problem (bluetoth, steamvr, the game script) but its a first step for this problem.

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Interesting. So when you launch SteamVR first it won't allow the game to launch, but if you launch the game first and it autolaunches SteamVR in response, then it DOES work? Can you create a SteamVR system log and send it to me? You can PM me when you have it.


-John C

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i have sent a massage. i can post it here again. for the other guys with this problem.


ok i try to save the logs. when steamvr ist online and i start the game its fine, but when i start the game and steamvr is offline its not realy work. i have recording the logs and the problem and slove.

Steamvr off and start the games (Logs in 12:50):


and here Steam vr is on and start the games:


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I was unable to play some of the games (including The Lab, VR Funhouse, Trials on Tatooine). I found a solution to this problem. It turns out Vive dont get well with international characters in... Windows user name.


I've changed my user name from 'Michał' to 'Admin', and it does not help, but I discovered that old username remains in register. When I've created new Windows user called 'Vive' all games runs without problems. Turns out it was problem with user path to some SteamVR files.


It took me couple of months to solve that. Ugly bug.

I hope it will help someone.

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Original username was "Michał", so letter "ł" from polish alphabet was the problem. As I mentioned changing name is not helping becouse Windows keeps the old one in regiesters. The solution was to create a new user with name without international characters.  I've found some informations from russian users that usernames written in cyryllic is also disturbing Vive.

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