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HTC VIVEPRO shipping

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Ordered Vive Pro starter pachage 4/8/18. No update to status. Meanwhile amazon has then in stock. Sigh...

My guess it that yours will ship later this week or early next week...

Ordered the VIVE Pro Starter Kit on April 5th and the headset itself just shipped this past Friday. However, the controllers and base stations have still not shipped for me :(. Guess I’m gonna have a lovely headset that I cant use untill everything else ships :smileyfrustrated:

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Ordered 4/8 HTC Vive Pro package. Updated to In progress today. Got 2 tracking numbers. One appears to be the headset. Other is only listed as the base station mounts. Hopefully it includes basestations and controllers too or those might ship later. Anyone have expirience with the package shipping?

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 Exact same for me. One package says it's the headset, the other says mounting brackets. I'll find out in the next few hours once FedEx shows up, but I can't say how disappointed I will be with HTC if there are no controllers and base stations in this shipment.

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An Email I just got after my HMD arrived:


Your VIVE Pro Headset is on its way! You also purchased the Starter Kit bundle, unfortunately some of those items are on back order but we will be shipping them as soon as they arrive to our warehouses in early May. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.


The VIVE Team



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