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HTC VIVEPRO shipping

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How many people have 'Will ship in April.' in their Order Confirmation for the VIVE PRO kit? If they can't ship the kit in time, why could they not give us something in return for all the trouble we got?  Amazon gave me Free Prime month a couple of times when their delivery date wasn't respected. 

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@ Biohazard, you can't cancel your order I don't think if your order hasn't finished shipping, and since you recived your brackets, a order is still technically shipping to you but since they are now out of stock of sensors and controllers till June you can't cancel said order till then unless someone on the staff said otherwise but no one has contacted me or helped me sort out my situation.

I'm expecting that we will all get the rest of our orders filled sometime mid may, but by then the vive pro 2.0 stuff will be out so we will be stuck with the new headset but old gear. 

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My hope is that we will be able to buy the 2.0 sensors and controllers, separately and I will be able to sell my current ones to someone and order those other ones. I heard the 2.0 sensors are an amazing upgrade for large rooms! :)

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They havent shipped anything for me yet, so I just ordered the vive pro system off amazon:


  • HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality System will be shipped to  by Amazon.com. 
    Estimated delivery: May 21, 2018 - May 31, 2018

I'm going to initiate the cancel, and see what they say. I'll keep you guys updated!

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Thank you for your comments and reaching out. We definitely want to assist but here are some initial responses.


For those that ordered your starter kits:  We have had significant demand in our accessories that far surpassed our estimates for this scenario.  We have new inventory coming in but I cannot provide an ETA at this time as there are customs and transit variables at play for restocking our warehouses.  Orders of accessories are delayed and we are working as quickly as possible to have these fulfilled for you.


If you want to cancel or return an order: Please contact our care teams via the contact details provided in your order confirmation email as appropriate for your region. They will be able to provide you with next steps depending on your individual situation. 


If you received a partial order: You will receive the remainder of your order as soon as the inventory is replenished.


If you have general problems with your order specific to payments or otherwise:  Please contact our support teams relevant to your region so that they can assist.


I will follow up with additional updates as I receive them on this thread.

Thank you,

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Thank you for the information and transparency!


I’m just curious do you have any ETA when you will start selling 2.0 sensors separately. I decided I’m happy with my starter kit and will wait for it. My brother works in a warehouse and explained sometimes it’s just out of your control. Though I’m still curious when the 2.0 sensors will be available for purchase separately. Thank you for your time and clarification to our hive swarm rambling this forum has turned into

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