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Eye expression data

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Hi imarin:


First, you can check you SR_Runtime version by right click the system tray icon, we support eye expression since version

Second, you can check you are initial the right eye tracking version in Unity or Unreal. (SRanipal_Eye_v2)

The origin eye tracking do not support eye expression.




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Hi @VIVE_Jason_Lu,


Thank you very much for your reply and the guidance.

The version of my SR_Runtime is I used SRanipal_Eye_v2 (version two) on Unity 2019.2.5f1 to try to get the data of eye expression. However, when I used SRanipal_Eye_v2, the measured values of the other parameters (i.e. pupil diameter, eye positions, etc.) as well as eye expression in VerboseData were 0. On the other hand, when I used SRanipal_Eye (original version), I could observe the proper values of these other parameters.

Could you please confirm whether SRanipal_Eye_v2 works properly?

The following are the basic scripts I use to measure the values of  VerboseData.


public ViveSR.anipal.Eye.EyeData_v2 eye_data = new ViveSR.anipal.Eye.EyeData_v2();

ViveSR.anipal.Eye.SRanipal_Eye_API.GetEyeData(ref eye_data);

ViveSR.anipal.Eye.SRanipal_Eye_v2.GetVerboseData(out vive.VerboseData verbose_data);

pupil_diameter_L = verbose_data.left.pupil_diameter_mm;    // read pupil diameter of left eye.


Thank you very much for your support.


Best regards,


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Hi imarin:



According to your symptom, perhaps the problem is on your framework GameObject setting.

The SRanipalEyeFramework game object has an option to choose enable which version's framework.

I have test with the latest SDK,  the prefab's default enable version will be set to "Version1". So you can get proper value in original version eye framework.

You can checkout the "Enable Eye Version" first in the game object's inspector.


If it still not working, maybe you can check if our sample scene: EyeSample_v2 can works properly or not.

If the sample is not working either, please let me know. Thanks!




Best Regards,



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Dear @VIVE_Jason_Lu,


Thank you very much for your support and the information.

Following your guideline above, I checked "Enable Eye Data Callback" and selected Version 2. The following are what I have found from my debugging.

  • Single eye data of VerboseData is measured properly if "Enable Eye Data Callback" is checked. If it is not checked, all the measured values are 0.
  • Regarding eye expression data, it looks that "eye_wide" is measured successfully, though "eye_frown" and "eye_squeeze" data can not be obtainted. These two parameters still show 0.
  • VerboseData is sampled at the frequency of 120Hz when callback function is used. However, SRanipal_Eye_v2 does not work in the callback function since it should be used in Unity main function?
  • Combined data of VerboseData are still not measured properly as you said they were not supported at this point.

Could you please double confirm if you can get "eye_frown" and "eye_squeeze" data?


Best regards,



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  • 3 months later...


I am unable to get the eye tracking data (pupil dia) from the Vive Pro Eye. I am using SRanipal SDK, TobiiXR SDK and Unity 2018.3.14. I using various code segment from the community. It always show pupil dia as 0. Can you please help?

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