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Cosmos Beta release - 1.0.7


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On 10/30/2019 at 10:40 AM, stvnxu said:

Hey @JonathanPeyton - Sorry to hear about the room setup issue you experienced. Were you able to get it resolved at the end of the day? If not, you can try opting out of Beta to check if you're still experiencing the same issue. Before you do, if you can send us an issue report, that'll help our engineering team view your logs and prevent this issue from happening again in the next update. Here are the instructions on how to do so: https://forum.vive.com/topic/6662-how-to-report-issue-through-vive-console/

Again, super sorry about the rough night. I'll submit a note to our engineering team regarding your issue and the feedback on the 2 apps running in parallel.

Hi @lamyipming - Thanks for your feedback. No, I totally understand and think this is very important. I'm continuing to push this internally. I'll make this happen don't worry. I will update you and the other thread regarding this when it's available. 

UPDATE regarding roomsetup orientation: 

In order to set your room orientation, you'll need the HMD facing that direction during room setup. The direction of the HMD during roomsetup is typically what sets the  forward orientation. The exception is if your room-scale is done in a portrait oriented room size, then it will point in the nearest direction of the long space of your playspace. 

This suggestion is a temporary solution. I understand this isn't ideal as there is no UI to indicate or clearly show the users orientation. This has been esclated internally and we will work on this. 


No I apologize, I was just frustrated but should not have taken it out publicly like that or to that extent.

You guys have an awesome product that I thoroughly enjoy using and thank you for continuing to make it better! 


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Ah don't apologize for your frustration! We need to own that and provide a better product / customer experience. We are always learning and improving.

Thank you for the kind words, support, and patience. We really appreciate it as we understand this is difficult to do from a customer's perspective especially with today's standards and landscape.

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