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Cosmos Beta release - 1.0.7


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The Vive Cosmos Beta has been updated to v1.0.7 via the Vive Console's beta release program. You can refer here if you wish to join the Beta program.

Please use the software updater to keep your software up to date, and refer to below software change list to reference what's changed.

Reply to this post if you encounter any issues, but also refer to “How to report issue through Vive Console” post to send back the logs with your feedback


NEW UPDATE as 10/30/19: VIVE Cosmos - [Beta Release Notes:]

Click link to be redirected to new post for release notes: https://forum.vive.com/topic/6788-cosmos-beta-release-1071/


VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes 1.07



-          HMD:

1.             Improved low light tracking, with better prediction during fast movements.

2.             Reduced tracking jitter when using VIVE Wireless Adapter.


-          Controllers:

1.             Improved low light tracking stability. The minimum brightness requirement for reliable tracking is now 60% lower.

2.             Improved high brightness tracking stability. The controllers will now track much better against a bright background, such as windows and studio lights.

3.             Improved prediction models for the case when a controller exits the headset’s FOV.

4.             Positional recovery is now faster and more accurate when returning into the headset’s FOV.

5.             Improved near HMD tracking, up to 10 cm/4 in from the HMD.

6.             Improved slow movement occlusion tracking prediction, which will help with content where the controllers are frequently occluding one another.

7.             Improved the tracking algorithm to be better at ignoring other Cosmos controllers and patterns that may resemble the Cosmos controller, especially when the connected pair are out of the headset’s FOV.

*We will be continuously improving all aspects of the tracking algorithm in future updates.


[ViveVR Runtime]

-              Fixed Error Code 210 runtime bug.

-              Error Code 210 on MSI laptops identified. Affected users should reach out to MSI Technical Support to get an updated new V-BIOS.

-              Fixed a bug with the play area boundary transparency settings and fine-tuned its appearance behavior.

-              Optimized the camera passthrough vignetting to better align and render safety boundaries.

-              Added error logging and troubleshooting for SteamVR compositor crashes, installation path and cases involving Safe Mode.

-              Improved mapping of error codes for edge case situations.

-              Optimized tracking pose prediction to improve visual experience.

-              Resolved an issue where the IPD display would sometimes show when the HMD was moving quickly.


[Vive Console]

-              Fixed a bug where the DisplayPort connection errors would pop up before the connection had time to stabilize.

-              Added Beta Release Notes and a link to all VIVE Cosmos Release Notes.

-              Fixed registry issues caused by switching Windows accounts and installation changes.


[OOBE & Room Setup]

 -              Fixed a bug where a transparent window would appear during setup when the HMD was connected.

-              Fixed a bug where UI elements and Russian fonts were displayed incorrectly at 4K monitor resolution.

-              Improved the animation explaining how to put on the HMD during setup and updated the Cosmos Setup shortcut icon.

-              Updated and improved the animations and instructions for Room Setup.



-              Improved the accuracy of the Cosmos-compatible filtering behavior.

-              The Lens will no longer prevent launching of incompatible or unoptimized Cosmos titles from your Library. Instead, a warning icon will be displayed on top of thumbnails for titles that may not be compatible with Cosmos. However, it will launch properly. 

-              Added “New Releases” store carousel on the VIVEPORT page.

-              Added support for limited-time trial content and ability to correctly indicate its access permissions.

-              Added language support for Italian and Russian.

-               Fixed bugs with French voice output.

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Yay, updates! Thank you for following up. Looking forward to trying these updates out in a few hours.

However, "Optimized the camera passthrough vignetting to better align and render safety boundaries" sounds like vignette changes were only made to the passthrough camera. Perhaps the issue was misunderstood -- the passthrough camera mode reveals how much more there is to see, and how much more field of view is possible with the device while in a game. If the vignette is pushed back in passthrough mode, it should be pushed back in SteamVR too.

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I just played with beta 1.07 for the last couple of hours.

First thing I found was that it started me in Origin even though I've never selected this option and and the console settings do not show it checked.  Actually you cannot check it anyway.  So this kinda wastes a bit of time loading Origin every time when I just want to use lense to select a game.

Secondly, I did not see any improvement in tracking.  Actually seemed a little worse to me.  Even in origin the controllers bounce all over the place if they come within a foot of your headset or get about 6 inches away from each other..  Arrow and slingshot games like Angry Birds were even worse than 1.05. 

Thirdly, the console startup seems worse.  I had to reset my link box 1-2 times in order to finally get the Headset Ready.  I also noticed that the SteamVR overlay did not show up until I started an app.

So I'm sorry but this beta 1.07 is a big fail for me. I just went back to 1.05 for now and it seems to work a little better for me.  Very disappointing imho.

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@Jean-François Watier - Got your ticket. Thank you!

@Phr00t - Thanks for the clarification. I'll make sure to pass that along to Engineering team. Please provide us your honest feedback when you do test either in this thread or your Vignette thread. Our SW updates will always be ongoing so we're definitely listening on what we can fix and do better for our customers.

@lamyipming - Tracking improvements will be part of an ongoing SW update to improve Cosmos and your experience: https://blog.vive.com/us/2019/10/07/vive-cosmos-continuing-update/

@TomCgcmfc - Thanks for your honest feedback! I've converted it to a ticket to send to Engineering Team to look into.

The weekend is here! For those that are on Beta 1.0.7, please test it out and share your honest feedback + any issues if encountered here in this thread. We'll monitor and address them to continue to improve your experience.

Thanks again for all your patience and support! 

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15 minute test which I will comment further on when I have had more time with this update.

Tracking is still not good. If I put the controllers on the floor, and then bend back upwards, the controllers follow me for a second and then switch back to the floor (the fact that they do switch back to the floor is an improvement). Tracking also still heavily reliant on features on walls and floors, if you have a bare room, you have no chance. Again, this was never advertised as a requirement on launch of this product so needs sorting. This testing was is in a night time room with medium light from a bulb.

Don't like the way it automatically goes to Origin, this should be an option as it quickly becomes tiresome.

Where is the re-centre button? This was widely advertised as needed but seems to have been ignored.

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This update is definitely a step in the right direction. There is a noticeable improvement in tracking and field of view (which I report in more detail here). More improvement could be made in both areas, although tracking has further to go.

I think the biggest problem with tracking, at least for me, was controller obstruction. They wiggle and get stuck quite a bit when crossing paths, but it is better than v1.0.5 was. Headset tracking still had a little wobble to it.

Anyway, much more hopeful this thing can be fixed and looking forward to more updates. I'm keeping the Cosmos for a little while longer.

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i was play Zero Caliber VR on 1.07. it is not possible to control ak47 in two hands. system stops seeing the far controller. i was see new twitchings. spontaneous movement of weapons. in other games too bad. i was bacup in 1.05

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