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Eye Calibration Data is ignored in Unity build version.

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Hi, I'm using VIVE Pro Eye with some medical purposes.

I'm doing well with Unity Editor. Eye Calibration is fine in the editor mode. but when I build it and run, it seems like all eye tracking data is flushed. My tracking direction is fixed to (0, 0, 0), whether I move my eyes or not.

So I tried to run calibration in runtime, within the Start()

    void Start()
        bool calibrationSuccessful = false;
            calibrationSuccessful = SRanipal_Eye_v2.LaunchEyeCalibration();
        while (!calibrationSuccessful);

like this, which repeats calibration until it finishes with the result of success.

It works fine in the editor version, and also works fine in build version. But in the build version, only the calibration scene is loaded, and the data is whitened again.

Even with the in-game calibration, the eye tracking data is not loaded in build version.

It's so weird that it works perfectly fine in editor version, but not working when I build it.

Is there any suggestions for the problem?

I'm using Unity 2019.2.13f1 version on Windows, and I enclosed a picture of my build settings.


(+ Actually It worked fine in build version with the in-game calibration before the "Offset Bug", but after that bug happened, It stopped working suddenly. (Not sure about it))


@Corvus, @Jad, @Daniel_Y @zzy

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Hi, @Corvus@Daniel_Y, @zzy,

I am still encountering this problem with Unity Editor version 2019.4.17f and SteamVR 1.20.3. Visualized eye tracking data from the build application is only on one point as opposed to running in the editor where it works perfectly fine. Like @MyBug I start the eye calibration during runtime of the app via "Application.OpenURL(localpath)". I also tried calibrating via SteamVR Home Dashboard and then starting the application right away but that did not help so it should not be concerned with the calibration part. Build settings are same as above with IL2CPP.

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