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Base station 2.0 is blinking red


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Hi, I'm having problems with my Base Station 2.0.

My base station is blinking red and i have tried to "Recover from incomplete update," but it says there is no base stations that needs recovery.

When i try to "configure base station channels" it seems like it can connect but when i hover over the eye icon it says observed in prior session.

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It doesn't seem like it worked for me, but thanks for trying.

My sensor is not showing any light at the front anymore and doesn't connect thru bluetooth, so i don't really know what to do.

There is a yellow blinking light far in the back of the sensor though so it has power but is probably having trouble starting up or something.

I think i'll ask customer service tomorrow from where i bought it and ask what to do.

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48 minutes ago, Luxxid said:


I'm also experiencing the same thing. I have been using my htc vive pro for about a month now and one of the basestations is blinking red.

@Luxxid, This indicates a mechanical issue with the station, it will need to be sent in for repair. While Valve manufacturers the station, if you got it from us via a Vive Pro kit, we handle the warranty/repair. If the unit is a month old, it should be covered under warranty.

The fastest way to get this fixed is to collect the serial number off of the back of the unit and go to https://www.vive.com/us/support/  -> contact us -> contact us and request an basestation 2.0 RMA from a live chat agent.

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