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Base station 2.0 is blinking red


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Thanks Andy for your idea.   I tried it and now when I plug in the base station it does not show the light in the front at all.  When I scan for it it DOES see it, on channel 255...I can change it to a different channel and that works....BUT I can not update it at all.   No idea why.  It does not turn on at all.  No vibration...nothing.  Just a yellow flashing light in the back.

I have not had this system very long and my kids are really missing it.  It worked great for a few month, but now they are forced to be home from school and it does not work....

I tried to see the difference in the two files.  The difference is actually quite huge....

Then I put back the original firmware.bin file on the cube....

It is back to the way it was before the fix....spins up and such but there is a flashing red light.   It now has the old name and the old channel as before.  It says it has been observed in prior session.....     

Uggg   90 min of toil and back to the way it was at the start.   Please help me with this puzzle.  Thanks.



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@GreenDragon - That's mostly likely an RMA scenario - if your unit is fairly new, it will be covered under warranty. I'd recommend setting up an RMA via https://www.vive.com/us/support -> contact us -> contact us. You can make the situation worse by trying to manually modify the files on the device- there is more to committing a firmware update to the device than moving files to and from the device's flash memory via Windows explorer. If you're plugging your device into your PC via a USB-data cable and the SteamVR firmware updater can't push a firmware update to it, it's more than likely bricked and can't be fixed on the user-side.

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@SLOOPYDOMBAH - Blinking red lights on 2.0 stations indicate the base-station has a mechanical issue. Your unit would be covered under warranty at that age - the best thing to do is to go to get the serial number off of the back of the affected base station and then navigate to www.vive.com/support -> contact us -> contact us to request a repair RMA from an agent specific to your region.


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The same thing is happening to me i just bought my eye pro vive 2 weeks ago used it 4 times and one of the basestations 2.0 started blinking red i looked up everything and did everything i could no luck. 

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same here got them about two weeks ago just cannot get them to not work without shaking and the controllers flying away or me flying away lol they all have the white sturdy light don't understand if anyone can help much appreciated 

mark kendry 

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@coolwipmrk If using 2.0 stations, there are three potential causes:

  • Broken Base station. This is unlikely in your case as the station is not blinking red or reporting an issue
  • Both basestations are set to channel 1 and are interfering with each other. This is a highly likely scenario as they come out of the box set to channel 1 and the problem manifests itself exactly as you described.
    • To check/fix this scenario, enable Bluetooth management via SteamVR -> Devices -> Bluetooth Settings. Next go to SteamVR -> Devices -> Base Station Settings -> Configure Base Station Channels. Just hit automatic configuration and it will resolve any conflicts.
      • While here, I recommend enabling power management settings. I'd recommend setting this to "sleep" - it will fully power down the basestation when you're not using SteamVR which will have dramatic effects on the lifespan of your basestation.
  • If it's not a channel conflict, it may be an environmental reflection. The easiest way to verify a reflection is via the method below.
    • To detect reflections, generate a system report or open up the SteamVR web console and search for the term "back-facing". Here's an example of what a reflection that would cause the issues you describe look like below.
      • Sun Jun 26 2016 23:02:09.676 - lighthouse: LHR-4E8EF209 H: Dropped 32312 back-facing hits, 2069 non-clustered hits during the previous tracking session
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