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Vive Cosmos Elite, Can you flip the display output?

Message added by C.T.

For those of you still seeing upside down issues with Elite Headset.

1. Make sure your GPU is supported, Link
2. Make sure your GPU driver is up to date
3. Make sure you are connected to the DP from GPU
    Best way to check it is referring to the user manual, or turn on NVIDIA control panel -> config surround, physX page.

If above are checked out and you are still getting the error, feel free to PM me with trace number of issue number for direct support.


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Getting exactly the same issue. Latest version of Windows, GPU on supported list with latest drivers. Tried reinstalling VIVE and still no joy. 'View Display' shows correct way up however, in the headset it is flipped.

Note I am connecting my ROG Strix GPU to my Samsung Television via HDMI. Ticket 20211224084954 




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Hi, I've recently purchased a vive cosmos (not vive cosmos elite), and I've also encountered this issue on my gaming laptop. I have a MSI GL63 8RC with a mini display port.

Every time I go through the vive console setup prompts and it comes to the display port connection, it says that I'm connecting the display port cord to the wrong port.

On the diagram it shows that you have to connect it to the GPU direct and says you mustn't connect it to the motherboard, however that is not possible on laptop because I'm only given the choice of connecting it to the display port o have.

Anyway, it doesn't connect the display correctly forcing me to skip this step, which enviably leaves me without a proper connected Headset, what I mean is this:

Once I finish the setup, the display is upside down, and the image on either eye is too far apart and the Headset won't track.


Any advice on the matter will be appreciated.



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