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Vive Cosmos Elite, Can you flip the display output?

Message added by C.T.

For those of you still seeing upside down issues with Elite Headset.

1. Make sure your GPU is supported, Link
2. Make sure your GPU driver is up to date
3. Make sure you are connected to the DP from GPU
    Best way to check it is referring to the user manual, or turn on NVIDIA control panel -> config surround, physX page.

If above are checked out and you are still getting the error, feel free to PM me with trace number of issue number for direct support.


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@AlexTheFabDragon, Apologies on the issue you're experiencing. 

  • Could you send a screenshot of the display being upside down so we're on the same page?
  • Are you experiencing this upside down display in every game? When did this issue start to occur?
  • Have you tried general troubleshooting such as restarting and reinstalling?


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@AlexTheFabDragon - I asked around internally and we haven't seen that issue before - that's a new one to us. When you post screenshots, can you please try to post a screenshot that shows the chaperone/boundary in a blank SteamVR environment, I'm really curious where it thinks the floor is. Please also use the Vive console's report issue button to send an issue report to us. Does it happen in a blank SteamVR compositor or does it happen in games as well?

After you post screenshots, I'd recommend redoing SteamVR roomsetup to see if that alters the behavior and if it doesn't trying the "reset headset" option in the Vive console.


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@Maijin19 But are you specifically using the report issue feature? It sends logs which can be invaluable in trying to understand what's happening.We've only seen a very small handful of reports of this so the sample size is really small and every bit of info can prove helpful. It is a new product after all.

Setting a ticket with an agent definitely gets you in our system but doesn't provide any rich information that's useful in diagnostics and they'll most likely ask you to use this feature in the end anyways.

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