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Getting Red Green and Blue Pixels highlighted on the Left Lense


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  • 2 months later...

How is the first post about this issue 11 months ago with no solution or comment from HTC?

 I have bypassed the HDMI to the splitter box with a new HDMI, reseated all connections, restarted the PC.. the problem is not going away or even changing slightly. I am very annoyed, I really wanted to enjoy my purchase but now it is tainted by these RGB pixels, I cannot enjoy it.

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  • 11 months later...


I was using a headset that worked for 2 hours, then suddenly had this happen to it. I was stumped, upset, and MILDLY ANGRY..., but I kept trying.. and low and behold!! 

I went to:

Device Manager --> Ports (COM & LPT) --> Communications Port (COM1) AND THERE WAS AN UPDATE FOR IT. I updated it, crossed my fingers, and BAM IT WORKED!! Still waiting a day or two to make sure it's permanent, but hope this helps you too!! :))

- Lizzy

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