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VIVE Software – Beta Release Notes


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22 hours ago, imacken said:

Will do, however, I forgot that since the update to SteamVR to beta 1.21.8 a day or two ago, I have not had the problem.  Forgot about that, sorry!

I'll keep monitoring as I did have the issue for some months.

As an aside, why is the Steam version of Vive Console showing compared to the standalone which is

No difference between 2 versions, it's just a way for us to identify where you installed the vive console. 
@imacken I also send you one possible workaround to your DM, let me know if you have trouble reading it. Thanks

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On 2/14/2022 at 5:25 PM, C.T. said:

@imacken @TheLK can you all submit one log via vive console? add a remark for C.T. rd_log request under issue summary?

Let me check if there's anything we can find to fix it. Thanks 



Done, ticket made last week, but put on the new release :





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