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flashing grey screen


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Yes. For example, when air conditioner starts the engine (every 20 min), if it pluged to one AC point together with Vive, on the screen of headset appears gray for 1-2 sec.


For me it was around 30-35 celsius as well. I actually bought a mobile air conditioning unit because it was so hot. It did not make any difference in regards to greyscreens.

Could power strips cause problems? I have to large power strips with surge protection next to each other in the direction the grey out happens. Most of my hardware is plugged in to to those two.

EDIT: I am alreadyusing the Steam VR beta branch did not makea difference


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IMHO it seems more related to Temperature than to SteamVR.


Testing this should be really easy for HTC. It is true that we, final users, can help with the whole diversity of factors which may have influence: ddrivers, hardware... BUT, testing temperature conditions is something that HTC should do. 


We, some users, may be happy to do some tests, but testing environment should be HTC responsibility.


I don't really think it is so difficult for a company like HTC to get a bunch of testing helmets and try them monitoring the helmet temperature under different environment temperatures. In a couple of days we may have relevant results. 


Is HTC studying this problem, besides VIVE staff in this forum? Because VIVE staff here are doing their best, but that is not their job and I imagine they don't have necesary means.


Dear VIVE staff: may you please update us about whether and how is HTC dealing with this problem? I really think it should be studied and solved before yourTube and other social networks start getting more and more videos or posts and so damaging the VIVE brand.

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I dont think it is the AC for me. When the problem starts it stays until I stop using the VIVE after it was off for a time it works again for about 20-30 minutes before the grey out begins again. It starts as short grey flashes but becomes permanent until either the headset cools down or I cover some of the little indentions on the headset with my fingers.


Tomorrow I will test it in a different enviroment.

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Yes, we're aware of the situation and are looking into it.

Can you all tell me when you bought your Vives and from where? There have been several versions and as you know, the most recent models are slightly different (mostly lighter components) than the ones that launched a year ago.

That would be useful information for us.

Thank you,

-John C

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I and, I think, other owners of Vive don't happy about testing different ways of this problem. It so bad, that we must do it, because our Vives became just gadget for 20 min fun. We can't even show our friends, how cool it is. More over, my children lost interest for Vive. I absolutely agree with you, HTC could fix this problem many times ago. It's their responsibility. The have opportunity, the have resources, they have time to fix it, or tell us, that we can change our Vives to normal.

p. s. I bought Vive 2 mouth ago. In DNS shop in Russia, Tyumen city. Vive with one single cable.

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Well... I am in the same boat as you guys. I bought mine on ebay from a UK seller (brand new) like 6 months ago. I haven't had any issues since .... probably 5 weeks is about right or so ...  I mostly have time to play on it during evenings let's say starting from 21:00h . Right now is very hot in here druing day time 30-37 C, but at nights not that much I guess since there is a nice wind (330 meters above sea level). Honestly I don't believe that HTC has not run serious temp. tests on it before their official launch.  That's why, I tend to believe that the issue is caused by some software issues. Either HTC or Steam ... I don't know, anyhow... I notice something that probably from around the same period, my OpenVR app. (Advanced Settings) is not responding anymore in neither SteamVR Beta nor SteamVR. Don't know if it's related just trying to point out a new possibility causing this issue?  Well I , like all of you guys, want to see that problem solved soon. 

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You may need to download the newer version of the OpenVR's Advanced Settings Dashboard, the old one doesn't work very well since SteamVR started the SteamVR Home.

The newer version works well but I don't think you can use it with SteamVR Home (from my understanding). I don't use "Home" and the newer version of Advanced Settings has been working well for me. :)

Regards: Jack

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Moving forward, the following info will help us greatly:

1) The manufacture date of your Vive. This can be found by sliding off the 3-in-1 cable compartment cover.

2) The rough date that you started expericing problems

3) Any environmental factors you feel may be influencing the problem

4) Any workarounds you find that alleviates the issue, even if it's impractical

5) Threads from any other online communities that you find that describe similar issues


If we can consolate this info into a single thread we can provide the engineers with the info they need to really start to pick apart this issue and provide the support you deserve. 


As this is a technology predicated on IR sensors, a fair amount of testing has gone into the operational temperatures of the Vive. Generally speaking it shouldn't face issues if the hardware and environment is below 35c. I don't know if there is an official operational temp range of the Vive but I'll look into it. Prior to my time at Vive I had a fair amount of experience in setting up Vives outdoors and the only time I ever had SteamVR tracking fail was at temperatures above 42c (at which point the PC itself was also struggling). Many of these complaints cluster around the shared statement that the hardware/software worked fine until ~5-6 weeks ago which is why I personally think it's a SteamVR/compositor thing.

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I installed the beta SteamVR last night and did at least an hour in VR and only had one flash of grey and I was legitimately on the chaperone bounds when that happened.


I went in again today in the main app that was p_ssing me off (theWaveVR) and did not have any problems. There is a show tonight I am really looking forward to in about an hour, so I'll let you know how that goes.


I did notice one other negative side effect to the beta code, which also detracts from the immersion but not nearly to the extent of the grey-outs, so I am much happier right now with this than a couple days ago. The side effect has to do with the field of view (maybe) mapping of the universe (maybe) field of view (maybe). I'm thinking maybe the Steam code fixes something that causes a slight visual aberration in the game. I'm planning to report it in theWaveVR discussion threads.


I have not tried theLab defending the castle game, which was another place I experienced annoying grey-outs but I will try it ASAP and report back.


I am cautiously optimistic about the Steam code fix.


Thanks, all, for now. Talk to you after theWave show.

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