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[PC VR/VBS] VIVE Streaming MR with passthrough

Vivi Wu

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I got it working with Vive Business Streaming along with OpenXR.


I also got MR working  as an app downloaded inside the Vive Elite XR using  Wave VR plugin.


My question is why is it not possible to compile the  OpenXR version illustrated in this discussion for Android ? I am able to package it for Android, but the APP does not appear in the installed APPs if  I do not use the Wave VR plugin.  


And I do not like the Wave VR plugin because it is  not  standard. It requires changing several  things in the project.

To add a precision: I am Using Unreal  Engine 5.2.

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On 12/28/2023 at 12:32 PM, arnesdn said:

Is it possible to use VIVE Streaming MR with passthrough with a Unity URP Project?

Did you get this working?  I am working on a PCVR free roam Unity project and wish users to walk to the start point with Passthrough for them to step through into the VR world at the appropriate point.

It seems that it should be possible, but ...

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