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Vive Tracker tracking issue (offset and jitter)


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we have some problems with the vive trackers. Their tracking seems to be not as good as that from the controllers. The controllers are tracking just fine and very accurate, whereas the tracker have a very large offset from their real position.
See some images and a video here:
password is 'vive'
Also notice in the video how right at the beginning all controllers and the trackers should lie in one line, but the trackers are clearly offset.
Our question is how can tracking be improved to achieve the same accuracy as from the controllers?
Is it a sofware or maybe even a hardware problem?


Thank you very much and best Regards
Adrian Hoppe


P.S. I wanted to post this on the developer support forums, but did not have access to it. Maybe an admin can moved it there, if it is not appropriate here.

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Hey Adrian,


Sorry that you're having problems with your tracker. It's very interesting that this is happening to all three trackers. I have not seen this issue before. I'm assuming that all of your devices have the latest firmware and SteamVR installed? If not, please do that and try again.


If you have the latest software, try this:

While Steam and SteamVR is shut down, in your config\ folder, remove chaperone_info.vrchap as well as the lighthouse\ directory and all of its contents. 


Default Steam config folder locations:

C:\Windows\Program files (x86\Steam\config\

~/Library/Application Support/Steam/config/


Power down your base stations for a minute or so for good measure. Start up SteamVR and see if that fixes your problems.


Let us know if that works.


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Hello FOO,


thank you for your advice.

I tried deleting those config files and while the controllers still track nicely or maybe even a little bit better, the trackers still have this jittering and the offset. 

I have the feeling that the offset is along the axis that  goes away from the lighthouse. 

The trackers seem to be shifted towards the lighthouses most of the time...

I am really confused how all four controllers (we have two vives in that room) track great, but all four trackers don't.

Do you have another idea what might be the problem?


Thanks and best regards



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I took a second look at the video and I think the tracking may be drifting because it seems as though most of the sensors are being covered with your hand and controller. Because of the size of the pucks, it's pretty easy to obscure the sensors, and unfortunately, the more sensors you obscure, the less tracking quality you're going to get. How are you planing to mount these trackers for your experience? 


Regarding the offset, can you shoot a top down video of all of the devices inline with the virtual view? Also make sure the firmware is updated on all of your devices, including base stations.




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Dear Foo,


thank you for your help.

We revisited the issue and did not find a solution yet.

Our Setup contains two base stations at either side of the room connected via the sync cable.

We checked the room for infrared reflecting surfaces and covert most of them with absorbing cloth.

The trackers and all other hardware run with the latest firmware.

It is very strange that the trackers offset seems to be sometimes larger and sometimes smaller.

But the jittering is the most anoying thing. The controllers don't have that at all.


We made some new videos and screenshots:


password: vive


We want to mount the trackers on the surface of the table with the screw thread facing downwords and the three "spikes" facing upwards. So just like in the videos.

Can you think of another thing that can solve the issue.

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  • 2 months later...

Sadly no. We changed some things in our Lighthouse Setup and tested the trackers again yesterday.

We still experience a strange offset. At first, we put 4 trackers in a line between the two lighthouses and all trackers were offset towards one lighthouse by about 5cm. Then we moved the trackers around, this also shifted the offsets. Sometimes the offsets are smaller, when you are closer to one basestation.

Because of that, we changed the lighthouses around, changed their modes etc. However, there seems to be no deterministic solution. We feel that the problem is with the Vive Tracker, since the Vive Controller just track perfectly. It is just so strange, since they both use the same underlying technology.

We are very frustrated with the Vive Trackers and propably will be returning all four to HTC.


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