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Vive Tracker tracking issue (offset and jitter)


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I'd definitely look at the Kinect as the source of interference. It's by far the easiest thing to isolate. Vive tracking is based off ~850nm IR and the Kinect works off ~830nm - we've seen some reports that the new ASICs/algorithms can be incompatible with Microsoft depth technologies.


First, verify the issue is still present with IR interference sources removed. Next, change USB ports to see if it alters the behavior. Avoid plugging into a USB port. Past that, we'll have to look into more advanced troubleshooting.

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Thanks David, I shall. I'll set it up as a purely virtual camera tomorrow and see if we get similar issues.

I am not averse to swapping over to a controller if they're less point-cloud sensitive. That's what superglue is for.

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What is the expected performance of the Trackers in terms of accuracy and precision and how should they compare to the Controllers?


Based on my experience I'd estimate:


Controller: ~2-3mm accuracy + 1mm precision

Trackers: ~20-30mm accuracy + ~10mm precision 



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Did you fixed the issue? I have exactly the same problem.

Our setup:

- Geforce 1080 GTX


- Steam 1.0 Tracking

- 2 controllers (the old ones)

- 3 VIVE (2018/03) trackers


We tried a lot of different scenarios (USB hubs and direct connection, with different room setups, ...) with no success. We took a lot of effort in hiding all reflection surfaces but with no success. The 3 VIVE trackers just have a lot of jitter and they drift also away.


Has anyone recommendations? 



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Those having issues with their tracker can you please share the P/N of your tracker?

I believe different regions have different part numbers. From what I gather (I might be wrong, its just what I've found on online shops - please correct me if I'm wrong)

99HALM003-00 is the older gen US(?) version

99HALM008-00 is the older gen euro version

99HANL003-00 is the euro 2018 version

99HANL005-00 is the japanese 2018 version

99HANL002-00 is the US 2018 version


I'm not sure what the differences between them are (if any) but I figured it might be a starting point for isolating the problem.


Mine is the 99HALM008-00 version and I've been having issues too.

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I've been having this problem ever since I got my 3 Vive trackers for full-body in vrchat.

Most of the time I get lucky and they're barely offset at all and It'll track alright-ish, on the otherhand, when I'm not lucky they are very offset and obviously can't be used properly whatsoever. When this happens it seems there is nothing I can do to fix it, resetting SteamVR, resetting my computer, checking for any dust that may somehow be covering my trackers (this is when I start losing my mind because I can't find a solution to a problem that Vive should have already fixed over a year ago when a bunch of other people brought this problem to their attention, like yourselves.) Long story short: when my tracking goes full-retard (drooling from the mouth) I just give up for the day and hope that it'll be less problematic the next day. What really Vexes me is that the Vive Staff in this post (and everywhere else) acted all like "Oh really? How odd I've never seen this before, It's probably just something you did wrong and it's definetely not something we should fix on our side!". I just wish they'd recall every vive tracker and give us better ones, or atleast adress the problem and start fixing it. When we all spend this amount of money on their products we shouldn't have to deal with this **bleep**.

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Anybody that has this issue try this out. Go buy a good externally powered USB hub (the one that comes with a power supply) that has at least 3 USB 3.0 ports, and use your wirelless recievers for your trackers with it instead of plugging them direcly to your PC. Don't forget to plug in the powers supply to the USB hub.


You see, the power that you get form USBs of your PC is usually a very dirty noisy power even on some expensive motherboards, it may couse the issue. And the VIVE headset is powered externally with a power supply that goues into the linkbox. So the two wireless recievers that are built into the headet (one for each controller) get the clean noseless power, hance you don't have the isseu with your controllers.


Try externally powered USB hub and let me know if the issue's gone. If it doesn't help, you can just return the USB hub to the store to get a full refund. Good luck.

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I can validate 's report, this is something we've observed in testing. We don't have any definitive guidelines on it because there's virtually limitless combinations of PC hardware that can be achieved but some ports and controllers simply don't supply clean power or utilize a proprietary USB. controller  (e.g. Asusmedia) rather than using the CPU.


For watchman based hardware, Valve and HTC recommends Inateck USB controllers; specifically the KTU3FR-2O2I. Switching to these solves a ton of common USB-based issues and can improve tracking performance in some use-cases, especially with certain boards like some variations of the Z170. It's pretty tricky to isolate an issue to the USB controller however hence why it's not something we commonly speak to as we wouldn't want to advise people to spend $ on hardware unless we had reasonable certainty it would help. 

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I will test this as well.  I have two of those "clean power" USB ports on my PC, hopefully they will work.  I also have the recommended dedicated usb 3.0 internal card installed I can try.  


I was infuriated a few days ago when I discovered that a problem I've been fighting for two years with my tracker tracking was actually the trackers themselves and not the vibration and sudden motions I had assumed were causing it all along.   For the first time I had a different use case where there was nothing to possibly interfere with them and they still were extremely unreliable.  In my primary use the tracker can often see only one base station.  In addition to jitter and sometimes jumping a cm or two, they frequently just go nuts and decide they are something like TEN FEET away from where they actually are!  When this happens it may be only for a moment, or sometimes for several minutes!  Then it will suddenly jump back to it's actual location.  


Also, since I now have Knuckles I have the Vive wands as extras and was able to test that.  If I use the wand instead of a tracker it works flawlessly, the problem I've had for years is gone 100%.  Unfortunately that is not a viable solution for my needs for the other two trackers.  


I was extremely concerned because obviously I'm long past any possibility of return and  also the warranty period and I bought three of the buggers.  


I hope this will solve the problem for me.  



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