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Vive Tracker tracking issue (offset and jitter)


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I have the offset problem with the Vive Tracker, but I think that the 3D model from the HDK has a wrong origin.

See the image (in Meshlab):

And see the developer guideline image of the origin position


So maybe offsetting the 3D model, this problem willbe gone.

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Hi jj2,

thank you for your analysis of the model.

The offset is sadly dynamic and can't be related to the wrong origin :(

At first i thought the same thing, but the model is (most of the time) shifted towards or away from one basestation. However this offset changes after a restart of SteamVR or sometimes just after the trackers have been moved.



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thank you for looking into this issue. I am sure the Lighthouse 2.0 will solve many of our problems, but for now i don't see any consumer hardware coming soon. Do you have an ETA on a Vive 2.0? :D

I am not very convinced that the issues come only from the lighthouses because the controllers work just fine. But I will try out the tool that you mentioned and report back.


Sorry, i could not solve the issue. If you can, maybe use the controllers for tracking because they seem to work better.

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Any update on this?


I'm having a very similar issue where just my trackers are jittery along with being pulled violently towards the lighthouses by a couple feet at a time. Needless to say this is unacceptable. My headset and controllers work wonderfully but all 3 trackers act like they have a mind of their own.

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We have found that our issue is due to interference due to leap motion which has infrared LEDs - not sure if that is the case for you guys also.


This post at leap motion is also discussing this issue:



This thread explains why the trackers may be more succeptible than the HMD/motion controllers:



The Vive HMD and the controllers use an HTC/Valve designed light to digital converter and PBC assembly whereas the Vive Trackers are using Triad manufactured TS3633's as well as a new PBC design. This could explain why they're more susceptible to IR interference than the HMD/controller technology. They fundamentally preform the same function but have underlying differences in design. This may mean that other technologies that will use the TS3633 may also face similar interference issues. 


Do you guys know how we might be able to get around this issue with the SteamVR 1.0 trackers, and whether or not this issue will be a problem with the SteamVR 2.0 trackers?


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