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How do I use the WaveVR simulator?


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Does this require the computer and HMD to be on the same wifi network?

string ipaddr = "";
//WaveVR_Utils.SIM_ConnectType type = WaveVR_Utils.SIM_ConnectType.SIM_ConnectType_USB;System.IntPtr ptrIPaddr = Marshal.StringToHGlobalAnsi(ipaddr);

Is the USB line commented out because it's always USB or because it's always Wifi?



I'm getting a SIM_InitError_Device_Not_Found error with my HMD plugged in, showing in ADB and ADM.


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What kind of error code you have from WVR_Init_S?

Normally it should be SIM_InitError_None.

Hi Tony,

I'm keep get the error as below, what's wrong with my SDK settings?

WVR_Init_S failed System.DllNotFoundException: WaveVR_Simulator  at (wrapper managed-to-native) WaveVR_Utils:WVR_SetPrintCallback_S (WaveVR_Utils/debugcallback)  at WaveVR..ctor () [0x000ae] in /Users/shanghuang/Workspace/WVR_05/Assets/WaveVR/Scripts/WaveVR.cs:134 UnityEngine.Debug:Log(Object)WaveVR:.ctor() (at Assets/WaveVR/Scripts/WaveVR.cs:149)WaveVR:get_Instance() (at Assets/WaveVR/Scripts/WaveVR.cs:33)WaveVR_Render:Awake() (at Assets/WaveVR/Scripts/WaveVR_Render.cs:410)


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I cannot get simulator to work either.

Which .NET Framework do we need?

Tell us please with which version of Unity, WaveVR SDK and .NET this simulator actually works.

I am not enjoying having to build each time I change something.

And can we use the controll in the simulator, meaning unity recives the controller data.


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in regedit.exe


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v4\Full


I have .NET Framework full version 4.7.03056 so uptodate it is.
this is windows 10 creative and unity 2017

What am I doing wrong?
I really want the Simulator to work.


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