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How do I use the WaveVR simulator?


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Are you guys and girls getting anywhere further with a unity press play and stream to vive solution?

not forgeting, that the controller should also work when simulating from Unity to Vive Focus.

Can you just imagine how easy and plesent development would be having a feature like that?

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Ok, I see now that the new SDK is available since March 18th. Thanks for letting us know about that.

Now the question is how do we use the Simulator? I see no difference. Is the press play in unity editor and then view in the vive focus function in this SDK as promissed in earlier posts?

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I cannot get instant preview simulator working!

I have tried just about every version of Unity but I just get errors and Unity hangs. I even have to kill Unity with the task manager.


Clicking on install simulator APK gives me done in the console but nothing happens on the focus. The focus is connected and recognised by windows. I would have expected with the new focus firmware that you had already added simulator to the standard software.


I have been patient waiting for this very important functionality and do hope we get this solved.

As said in previous posts, this is going to be a game changer in development for anybody developing in VR.


Here is a new slogan in Unity for you:


Press Play – Save your day!


Please help us get it working. Reply times here are just too slow and Oculus quest release is getting closer. But I suspect they will not have an instant preview function like focus, if it works.

Thank you.


Btw. Do not just concentrate now on commercial but also community. As the focus is actually a very good consumer device if promoted in the right way. If live preview would work, then it will also be an invaluable development device for everyone regardless for what you develop.


For VR / AR to be fun you need some things.

  1. Easy to play with like Lego bricks (Playmaker)
  2. Adaptability and extendibility (factorability )
  3. Plug and Play and not Plug and Pray.
  4. Click to Play and not click and pray.
  5. It has to feel like magic.
  6. Focus with fingers not just hands
  7. Join Stadia
  8. AR color pass through cameras
  9. Button to leave headset active not just sensor
  10. Playmaker integration (for designers and not just programmers)
  11. You can actually leave out 6dof controllers if fingers could work on the focus.
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