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Update: Compatibility issue causes BSOD/Freeze on select AMD systems


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We are continuing to investigate compatibility issues with VIVE Wireless Adapter and certain computers running AMD processors.


BSOD/Freezing issues may be encountered when the PCIe card is installed and setup. We have partnered with Intel and AMD to develop and test a hotfix for this issue that will be deployed to the VIVE Wireless Adapter Connection Utility on April 25.


To ensure you have the latest 1.20190410.0 update, click on the “Update now” button in your VIVE Wireless Adapter Connection Utility. This will walk through updating the software, including the hotfix for this issue.

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had the wireless adapter running fine on my 

GA-AB350M-Gaming 3 (rev. 1.x)  WITH RYZEN 6 1600  , latest bios and latest amd chipset drivers 

3 days no problems  ( pci-e speed set to mode 3 ) Also working fine on my Asus Rog strix B350m 
Larest drivers and bios ( only tested for 10 hours )
Both times I'm using the pci-e slot nearest to the cpu with no other pci-e devices except the 1080ti
Vive pro  really needs a faster chip but the 1600 overclocked to 3800 hz  was acceptable for skyrim etc
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Another user had a similar issue like you and this is how s/he fixed. 



Before the update it just fine. There was no problem with my vive wireless app with AMD mother board. but After the update, The app cannot find any headset. I re-installed the vive wireless app but It can't find any headset,too.

I want previous version app..


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Sorry to hear that. Would you provide your log and we may be able to figure out something from the log?




Thank you but in my case, "WiGig card not found" this message didn't appeared. It just saids "Can't find any headset."



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This is all log I collected. Plz help..

Hi Buddy, 

I don't see anything in your share folder. Can you confirm? 

BTW, ensure you collect VIVE wireless log -> Start menu->VIVE Wireless-> Wireless system info->select collectlog. Wait until it finishes collecting the log. 

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