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Update: Compatibility issue causes BSOD/Freeze on select AMD systems


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Did you also go gigabyte for the Intel? Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra here. What slot do you have your WiGig card in?


I haven't had a problem until now. Other than the performance stuff early on that everyone had - which is what made me finally upgrade from my 4790k.

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I've done a logs capture using the "wireless system info" utility that includes the last time the wireless usb drops out/grey screen with this new April update.


I can pm whoever needs it.


Key events in the event log include a couple of:


Location: 282 at D:/jkp/workspace/JENKINS_WIGIG_COMP_P4/17324/WGFWDOCKVR03825/Source/WiGig/FW/ARC0/MaplePeak/DPAL/WSE/Src/WseDpalDebug.c


followed by several



Location: 949 at D:/jkp/workspace/JENKINS_WIGIG_COMP_P4/17324/WGFWDOCKVR03825/Source/WiGig/FW/ARC0/MaplePeak/DPAL/WSE/Src/WseBulkOutTransfer.c


These events were at the time of the grey screen.


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An update to my earlier post. I've set up new build over the weekend.

Win 10 Home 1809 build;

Ryzen 7 2700 stock speed for now (it loads up to 30-35% only with VR and adapter. Impressive in comparison to my 95-100% load on i5 6600K system);

Gigabyte X470 aorus gaming 7 wifi F8 BIOS.

Gigabyte 1080 Ti aorus Xtreme Edition 11GB.

Changed PCIe to Gen 3 in BIOS (which doesn't matter on this MB, but still).

Placed WiGig card in the first x1 slot (closest to CPU) which is Gen 2 I believe by specs.

Installed all the software, fired up, played for a few hours. No BSOD or freezes. Just having some latency issues once in a while but that might not be related to wireless adapter itself but my network. Very nice.

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Hello everybody,


Thanks for taking the time to post feedback about your experiences with the hot-patch! Please feel free to continue to use this thread to share feedback with us - especially if you're still having issues after the patch is applied. 


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I have the latest version; 1.20190410.0 - but it still freezes. 

My two computers and VR sets are pretty much eaqual, but one of them have Wireless Adapter. 

The one with Wireless Adapter have struggled the last weeks and it freezes regularely. The other one is perfect. 

What  can I do?


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