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Unplayable !


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@albertomr3 - Thank you for looking out! We really appreciate you standing up for the community here and encouraging a healthy discussion amongst us all. Glad you were able to catch on the benefits of the RGB cameras. Stay tuned 😎.

@A-Jey - That would be great!!! Yes, the trickiest part is always optimizing for various environment in terms of lighting and surroundings. We've heard consistent positive feedback with low light which is great. Curious to hear more on normal and brighter lighting conditions if you have the time. Thanks again for the feedback and support!


To all readers that have read through to this point,

We are open to and understanding of the customer frustration and will accept them. We are at fault whenever there is an expression of customer dissatisfaction, and our promise is only to do better. The first step is to clearly listen and engage with you, our supporters and customers, with actionable steps moving forward. We really do appreciate your patience and support this far. Please feel free to communicate any honest issues or feedback for us to collect and improve. *cue eye of the tiger song*


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