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Cosmos Beta Release -


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9 minutes ago, stvnxu said:

@Phr00t - Great observation, but I wouldn't quickly conclude that tracking is capped at its current performance due to the lighting designs. There's also the factor of training and improving the algorithms to adjust to the variables at play. 

@Dickytwo & @Phr00t

As you've seen, tracking has been improved by previous updates, however, there is still more work needed to be done to meet the customer expectations. Tracking will continue to be the number 1 priority in our ongoing software updates.

I will note to not have expectations of the inside out tracking outperforming the light houses (VIVE & VIVE Pro). External sensors will always be superior given the position and visibility it has on the headset/controllers. For users that are seeking the absolute best tracking performance, then please stay tuned for more on the Cosmos Steam plate which directly supports light house tracking. 



@stvnxu ok let me put it this way, can we actually have basic tracking when the controller is right next to the headset so In Death or Pavlov etc is at least playable.. This isn’t an improvement, it’s first base. I can’t believe this is so difficult to be implemented unless there is a fundamental issue with tracking as suggested above.

To be honest, I don’t want to hear about gradual improvements until you can sort the basic issues that should have been sorted by the release date of this headset.

Sorry to be so blunt, but do you really see the damage that this release has done to HTC Vive? Plus your buyers are feeling totally conned at the moment. Well at the very least I am.

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please don't make this beta a public release version.
I've gone back to public and played the same levels from yesterday which much less issues.
If you make the as public I won't update and of course not opting into any beta anymore as I would get the then when I opt out again.

After testing with I really have to state not loud enough:
The is a step back on tracking.

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Hi Steve,

Please don't forget that we still cannot set the boundary transparency to exactly zero. When we sit near the boundary the lines are still clearly visible even though the transparency is set to the far left. Hope your team will resolve this in the next update. Thanks for the continuous work.

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I've been comparing Cosmos tracking to my Samsung Odyssey+, which also uses inside-out technology. It only has 2 cameras to work with, and is much cheaper, so you'd expect less performance from it. If Cosmos could match my Samsung Odyssey+, I'd consider that a significant improvement.

I do believe there is room for improvement over the current software; that isn't the problem... it is how good can it get and how long will it take to get there? I know you don't have the answer... I'm not even sure the engineering team does.

I am thankful for the updates you've provided thus far, and how well you've been listening. I'm really rooting for you guys here, we need as many (good) VR options on the market as possible.

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20 hours ago, The_Donkey said:

I never played eve online..xD - is it even VR compatible? I gave valkyrie a shot but im not so much into pvp only...elite:dangerous on the other hand was quite impressive and fun - but i found myself having to look things up on the web too much as a newbie and that was too annoying with a headset without a way to flip the display up (i wear glasses). So i put it aside for a while...but now the cosmos wil be my go-to device for these cases.

But regarding the topic and my argumentation - i bought the cosmos becasue i expected it to be a better version of what i used my odyssey+ for...and even quite good for use-casses where i have to switch between VR and the "Real world" regularly - like my case with elite or development. But now i feel like the device is ONLY usable for this. Anything involving the controllers is so frustrating if you ever had the experience with a different device that i dont see how i will be able to completely replace my odyssey with the cosmos. Fast movements, re-detecting the controllers when the leave the tracked field and return in sensor-range...the precision...i dont get, how this can still be so far away from standards of other devices now close to a year old.

I can imagine resaons like Phr00t brought up - in my post i already assumed that there will be a limit with the current hardware - and i get more and more the impression that the best result will still be worse than what i assumed as the "minimum" based on my experience with other devices. And i cant get over the fact that this was pretty obvious to HTC before they published it. Go back and read the reviews...they were wondering why on the tests no beat sabre was available - some magazines even didnt want to publish their review because the tracking was so sub-par. I had expectations that HTC will be able to improve this and that just marketing and/or business had the last call on the release date. But the longer this situation continues i come to the point that i will assume that the cosmos will never get to the level of tracking of other devices that cost less than half the price. I still have use-cases for it, so i'm keeping it. But i cannot help not to feel like that in this case there were some "communication gaps" if you want to call it like that. VR is still not settled and i tried out every platform the market has. I didnt like oculus for some reasons and i felt like WMR has been very "silent" in the last time, the cosmos looked like everything i want in a VR-headset...so i gave HTC a shot - but this ...;)


in the end - its just something their engineers can fix. And i still have the opinion that the cosmos should never have shipped in this condition. But we will see what the future brings...;)

It’s all good on this end, sorry if I came off hostile 😞 

At this point, I just want to troubleshoot the damn controllers. Still waiting for an answer of “how they are tracked”.  As the forum is showing, questions are becoming plentiful, answers are vague or non-existent. 

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