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VIVE OpenXR support for VIVE Cosmos


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@CDG, I spent sometime today trying to reproduce the issue and I noticed that if you go below 30FPS, you can get a similar effect to what you described where the VR stops being full frame and instead and becomes a weird crescent shaped fish eye in the corner of the lens. I couldn't get a clean recording of it because it didn't show up in the VR mirrors. I was able to make it semi reproducible by doing maneuvers which forced the FPS below 30 but that may just be specific to my setup. Turning Vive Console's motion compensation on/off seemed to have some effect on the types of artifacts I saw but nothing super reproducible on that front. Having the frame timing monitor pinned to your SteamVR window my be helpful for tying bad behavior to performance.

MSF2020 is this generation's "Crysis" and it's just a technical beast on so many levels. It can be a real PITA to boot and each headset has it's own peculiarities and the intense performance demands make troubleshooting extra tricky. Well worth it once you figure out what works for your setup but it can definitely be a project at times. I'm sure with future updates, everything will smooth out nicely.

Happy flying 🙂

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@Patrik, Can you please elaborate on what you mean by "reset VR mode"?. I personally have had issues entering and exiting VR mode across multiple computers and headsets. I've found that the most helpful thing for me personally is to figure out an order of operations that works specifically for you setup and then try to follow that order of operations the same way each time. I pretend it's like a pre-flight checklist.

Fortunately Asobo is a pretty active development studio. It's definitely helpful to x-post to their forums so they have direct visibility to your experience as many bug fixes will need to come from them.

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